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e@easyFile version 6.9.9 released

16 October 2019 – e@syFile version 6.9.9 was released
Kindly note that version 6.9.9 was released on e@syFile Employer last night.  Version 6.9.9 is however not a forced update in an attempt to limit downloading required.  When the e@syFile Employer application is opened, the screen below will be displayed.  At the bottom of the message is a Yes/No option. 

Version update 16Oct19.jpg

Select the ‘Yes’ option where they select the ‘Yes’ option where employers qualify for ETI.  This will then download version 6.9.9 which includes ETI updates addressing various ETI issues as identified over the past week.

If clients do not have any ETI to be claimed, the option of ‘No’ must please be selected.  No version downloading will be done and the client can continue using version 6.9.8.