Investment process

BMTC and Analytics Consulting have established a range of investment portfolios which will facilitate the active management of our client’s capital.

The portfolios will be pro actively managed by an investment committee comprised of a number of investment specialists with proven track records. Analytics Consulting acts as the investment manager of the investment committee and BMTC will act as advisors to the investment committee.  We believe that the combination of skills within the investment committee brings a positive dynamic to our offering.

The BMTC portfolios are subject to rigorous quantitive and quantitative analysis that facilitates the selection of quality unit trust funds within the portfolios. 

The investment process is aimed at providing the client with a scientifically designed risk profiled balanced portfolio that is robust yet dynamic in terms of adapting to changes in investment market cycles.  BMTC will manage the investment portfolios with risk profiles that are matched to the typical risk and return needs of cautious and moderate investors.

Each of the portfolios will have a predetermined strategic asset allocation that is monitored on an ongoing basis to maintain each portfolios risk profile. In addition to the strategic asset allocation, the Investment committee monitors the macro economic environment with a view to determining wether tactical asset allocation changes are necessary.